DoubleSec – the unique secure login feature


Author: DSwiss

High security login technology using 2-factor authentication on a smartphone or browser – but as easy as standard username/password!

What is 2-factor authentication?

Username/password are still the most common method for authentication of users on the Internet. However, more and more online services are changing over to two-factor authentication to ensure that critical login information can not be detected or intercepted. The first factor is something the user 'knows', such as a user name and password, while the second factor is something that they ‘own’ like an iTAN, a scratchcard or a mobile phone.

Why are two factors better than one?

Your account is better protected as a potential attacker would need to be in possession of your username and password as well as your mobile phone before they could log into your account.

What is DoubleSec?

Whenever you're using SecureSafe on your smartphone or browser you need to manually enter the additional PIN code into the app as part of the login process. With DoubleSec this process is automated after the first time you log in using the service as you are given a secret token that is stored on your phone or in the browser and is then refreshed automatically before each future login.

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