We keep your files and passwords safe

SecureSafe is a multi-award-winning password and file manager based in Switzerland. We store your data deep in the Swiss mountains and protect it with the utmost care.

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Simplified password management

  • Access your passwords anywhere, anytime, from any device.
  • Sign in to websites and apps automatically.
  • Generate a strong password for each account with SecureSafe.
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We protect your files from loss and theft

  • We back up your files to 3 different locations at the same time. This way you are maximally protected against loss.
  • Your data remains encrypted at all times and can only be viewed by you.
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We respect your privacy

  • We want to help you protect your files and passwords and decide for yourself with whom you share them.
  • We store all data in Switzerland - and for good reasons: political and financial stability, a strong legal system and good privacy protection enjoy high priority here.
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Single user

Create and use strong passwords on all devices

Automatic password filling (Autofill)

SecureSafe automatically fills in the username and password in the login fields. This way, you log in to apps and websites with just one click.

Password generator

The password generator suggests individual and secure passwords, allowing you to set a unique password for each account.

Data inheritance

With the help of the digital estate, you ensure that relatives have access to your passwords and documents in an emergency situation.

Browser extension

With the browser extension, you can log in to the desired website, online shops or apps directly via your browser.

Protect your company data and logins from cyber attacks

Efficient collaboration

With SecureSafe, you exchange your documents in a highly secure environment. With SecureSafe, users store all their files in one central location and work via Web, Mobile or Desktop App, regardless of their location.

Send documents securely

Use the SecureSend function to send encrypted files up to 2 GB in size to a recipient of your choice. The file can be downloaded even without a SecureSafe account.

Share passwords

Company passwords can be easily shared with employees, which means that access to company accounts is not dependent on individual persons. This simplifies collaboration and creates smooth processes in case of absenteeism.

Maximum safety

SecureSafe stores all data in Switzerland. We will protect your data by multiple encryption and bank-compliant safety mechanisms.

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