How do I enable and use Mac Touch ID on my desktop app?

Note: Please note that Touch ID must be activated on your Mac and in the SecureSafe settings.

To configure Touch ID in your SecureSafe App, proceed as follows:

  1. Configure Touch ID on your Mac.
  2. Select "Use Touch ID" in the SecureSafe Desktop App settings.
  3. The configuration will be complete when you enter your password again the next time you log in.

Use Touch ID when logging in and to unlock the Password Safe

  1. After starting the Desktop App, a new message "Log in with Touch ID" appears. You can place your finger directly on the corresponding Touch ID device to log in.
  2. Alternatively, you can still log in with your password by selecting "Use password" in the pop-up and entering the password directly.
  3. Alternatively, select "Cancel" in the pop-up and you will be taken to the screen where you can enter your login and password. This option should be selected if you use several SecureSafe accounts with the same Mac user account.
  4. To unlock the Password Safe, you can also place your finger directly on the Touch ID device or enter the password.


Please download the recovery code for your SecureSafe account.

The recovery code is a document with a 36-digit code that allows you to access your account if you forget your username or password. You can find the recovery code in your SecureSafe.