What happens at the end of my paid subscription?
  • 1 month before your subscription runs out, you'll be notified that you need to renew it. From this point forward, we'll remind you of how much time you have left to complete a subscription renewal each time you log in to your safe.
  • The subscription status indicator shows a warning flag as a second reminder to renew your subscription.
  • Additionally, we'll inform you of the upcoming subscription expiration by email.
  • If you let your subscription expire, your account doesn’t disappear. You can renew it by logging in to it from any web browser (not from a phone or tablet) and go through the appropriate steps to complete a renewal.
  • If you don't renew your subscription, you will no longer be able to access your SecureSafe (until a renewal has been completed).

Be aware that we do not automatically charge your credit card for account renewals.