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Business clients

With SecureSafe, your company files can be stored in a highly secure environment. This solution enables users to edit all shared files from one central location, transfer documents to third parties and access relevant information from wherever they are.

The “Team” offer is perfect for smaller teams where all team members need to access shared files. For companies that work with several teams, we recommend the “SME” offer. In this case, you will have access to numerous, separate data rooms enabling you to decide which users can see and edit certain files. Both business models can be expanded as needed. Our sales team is happy to help you, should you have any further questions.

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1 shared work space
for all team members

1 team safe with 10 GB storage space (expandable)

Price per user / month
CHF 4.00 | EUR 3.60 | USD 4.00


Numerous separate work spaces
for management, employee teams or clients

Several team safes with 10GB storage space each (expandable)

Price per user / month
CHF 9.50 | EUR 8.50 | USD 9.50

All features at a glance

Team safes
Team safes are work spaces that allow you to store, share and sync files with a team, company or organization.

Member management
Securely invite members to your team safe using a one-time security code and assign different user roles and rights to each member.

File synchronization
Sync shared files to grant all team members access to the latest version of any file at all times.

Through the automatic storage of earlier document versions, all file edits remain traceable.

Desktop folder encryption
Encrypt your SecureSafe folder directly on your computer for maximum protection. An encrypted folder will appear empty when you log out of the SecureSafe desktop app. Only you know how to access the files.

Email notifications
Keep up to date on important changes to shared documents and files through email notifications.

Activity journal
With the activity journal, you stay up to date on the running activities in each of your team safes.

Mail-In is an integrated email inbox included in your SecureSafe. When external service providers or people send emails to your SecureSafe email address, all attachments will be saved directly in your online accounts. Emails without attachments will be saved as text documents.

With the SecureSend feature you encrypt and send files of up to 2 GB in size to any recipient of your choice. The recipient does not need a SecureSafe account to download the files.

SecureViewer Plus
The SecureViewer Plus enables you to browse large PDFs, review and add comments or digitally sign a document as part of your workflow. It can also be used on image files.

Personal password manager
With our integrated password manager, you can create and manage highly secure passwords for each of your online accounts. It comes with a built-in password generator for strong password suggestions and a password checker to avoid use of duplicate or weak passwords.

Password autofill on mobile device
With password autofill you no longer need to manually tap in your password every time you want to log in to an account or app. Let the SecureSafe mobile app do the work for you (iOS and Android).

Private safe
Store and edit important personal files in a highly secure file vault. Thanks to triple redundant file storage, your files enjoy three-fold protection against any data loss.

Mobile document scanner
Our smart document scanner enables you to scan any document directly to your SecureSafe using the camera of your mobile device. It also includes multiple options to adjust your scanned documents.

Data inheritance
With data inheritance you can make sure that loved ones or business partners have access to essential information such as PINs and passwords should you be involved in a fatal accident or be otherwise incapacitated.

Private clients

Create a free user account today and store all your files and passwords in your SecureSafe. You will then be able to access your data using any web browser, iOS or Android device and synchronize it with your PC or Mac. In addition to the free service, we also offer various paid subscription services with increased storage space.


100 MB
file storage

Password safe for
50 passwords

Price / month



1 GB
file storage

Password safe for unlimited passwords

Price / month

CHF 1.50 | EUR 1.40 | USD 1.50



20 GB
file storage

Password safe for unlimited passwords

Price / month

CHF 4.00 | EUR 3.60 | USD 4.00


100 GB
file storage

Password safe for unlimited passwords

Price / month

CHF 12.00 | EUR 10.80 | USD 12.00

Comparison Free Pro Silver Gold

Storage space

File safe 100 MB 1 GB 20 GB 100 GB
Password safe 50 passwords unlimited passwords unlimited passwords unlimited passwords


Mobile apps (iOS and Android)
File synchronization (Mac and PC)
Online account (via web browser)


Send files as a public link (max. links) 3 5 unlimited unlimited
SecureSend with a one-time security code
Send multiple files at the same time
Mail-in (receive emails and documents)
Mail-In notifications


Complete encryption (AES-256 and RSA-2048)
Data is transferred with SSL / TLS
Triple redundant file storage
2-factor authentication (secure login)
Secure PDF and image viewer

Data inheritance

Maximum number of beneficiaries 1 2 3 20


FAQs / PDF tutorials / Videos
Personal support via contact form
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