Team safes for secure business file sharing


Author: DSwiss

Use our uniquely secure team safes to store, share and sync files with different teams, customers or external partners. Team safes are shared workspaces, which you can access via any browser of your choice or directly from a dedicated folder on your work computer.

Business functions

Each team safe comes with a full range of business features specifically designed to make it highly secure for your team(s) to store, share and sync business files.

Securely manage your team safe members

Safely invite members to your safes using a one-time security code and assign different user rights to each member to keep check of who can do what with your shared files.

Stay up to date on your shared files

With the activity journal, you will be up to date on the ongoing activities in each of your team safes. Also, keep track of important changes to shared documents and files through email notifications.

Securely view business files on-the-go

With SecureViewer, you can open and view PDFs and images without leaving any digital traces on the used device. This is particularly helpful if you need to view business-sensitive data while on the go.

Keep all team members up to date

Sync shared files to grant all team members access to the latest version of any file at all times. Through the automatic storage of earlier document versions, all file edits remain traceable

Add comments & send files

Use PDF annotations to add and share comments or signatures to shared PDFs from both Android and iOS devices. With the SecureSend feature you can encrypt and send files up to 2 GB in size to any recipient of your choice. The recipient does not need a SecureSafe account to download the files.

File sharing without compromising security

SecureSafe stands for security and privacy-protection in everything we do. If you choose our file sharing solution for your business, your files will be protected by:

  • triple redundant file storage to eliminate the risk of losing important files.
  • data storage exclusively in Switzerland on our self-owned servers.
  • zero-knowledge system architecture to ensure not even our programmers can access your files. This guarantees full control of who you share your files with.
  • sophisticated encryption to protect your files during uploading and downloading to and from your team safes and while stored on our servers.
  • local encryption to provide you with an additional layer of security in case your computer gets stolen (optional feature).

Flexible options to suit your file sharing needs

Team safes are a flexible solution, which run on a subscription basis. You can buy as many team safes as you need at any given time with a minimum subscription period of 3 months. A standard team safe comes with 10 GB storage space, which can be expanded according to your wishes.

Purchase single team safe subscriptions directly from your SecureSafe account or from our website if you need 1-3 team safes for a single team. If you need more team safes, consider our business bundle, which includes a minimum of 10 team safes. Learn more about our pricing for team safe subscriptions here or get in touch with our sales team if you have questions.

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