Medical Safe: Your digital vault for documents relating to your health

Medical Safe: Your digital vault for documents relating to your health

The Medical Safe is a component of SecureSafe and is used to deliver documents relating to health. GPs and doctors’ surgeries can use it to send SecureSafe users their reports, prescriptions and X-rays in digital form securely and in conformity with data protection laws. Less secure communication channels such as email are made unnecessary, and you will be given a central storage location for your health documents.

How do I activate the Medical Safe?

  1. Download the SecureSafe App to your mobile phone. The app is available as a free download for iPhone and Android users.
  2. Create a new account. If you already have a SecureSafe account, you will not need to register again.
  3. Register at your surgery’s reception* to activate your Medical Safe.

The service is currently only available to SecureSafe users in Switzerland and requires a doctor’s surgery that uses BlueCare’s software BlueConnect. Enquire at your GP practice if you would like to use the Medical Safe.

Download the SecureSafe mobile app

Download – iOS
Download – Android

Benefits for patients

  • Central storage for health documents
  • Threefold data protection in Switzerland
  • Documents are always at hand
  • Sole data sovereignty with the patient
  • Digital inheritance function for emergency situations
  • Easy storage of your own health documents through integrated scanner
  • Secure forwarding of documents through SecureSend
    (for example sending medical certificates to employers)