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New: Secure file synchronisation for your business and you

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Available for PC / Mac

Sync your business files safely, so team members have access to the latest version of any file

Back up your photos, work or private documents safely and access them from any device

SecureSafe – for your business and you

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Securely collaborate with your team in a shared work space and keep your business data in sync.

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Private Account

Store your personal files and passwords in one highly secure location and access them from anywhere.

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Keep your files in sync across devices

Keep your files in sync across devices

The SecureSafe Client for Mac and PC allows you to sync all of your SecureSafe files to your local Mac or Windows computer. This makes it even easier for you to work with and share files that are stored in your SecureSafe – and to keep them in sync at all times.

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  • Outstanding!

    “Great app. Easy to use, very secure and now with syncing functionality across computers. Definitely good if you're looking for secure storage!”

    Rating 5 Chili M
  • Well done

    “This is easy to use and quite flexible. I use it for more than just passwords. I store some info I need available, such as id info for my children or internal web addresses at work.And for info I use less often, I can store (easily) a file with anything at all in it. Email it to the app and SecureSafe converts it to a PDF file.”

    Rating 5 Steve
  • Best app ever!

    “This app is very secure and I feel safe to store all my passwords on it. Plus the password generator makes it easy to make-up new passwords and change them.”

    Rating 5 BoogesYup
  • The best keeps getting better

    “I use SecureSafe every day and the new support for Touch ID makes logging in a breeze as well.”

    Rating 5 niXter3D
  • Very good pssw and private doc keeper

    “I very much enjoy using this app, almost every day. Passwords and secret docs are kept safe and available everywhere you are. Great app. Thank you!”

    Rating 5 Chris73BruceLee
  • Works great and great interface

    “I've used this for 2 years now and updates seem to come quickly, fingerprint log in is great!! The interface is easy to use and looks crisp and clear. By far my favorite cloud and password app.”

    Rating 5 nickmcdru
  • Password problems all gone!

    “Brilliant app that I've been using for over a year. So simple to use and all my passwords are safely locked away. No more scraps of paper; or weird electronic notes; and no more forgotten password resets! One happy user :-)”

    Rating 5 Brad1996mk44
  • One password to rule them all

    “I've used secureSafe for a couple years and it just keeps getting better. I love how I can now quickly access my passwords by my finger print.”

    Rating 5 Rollyr
  • Great Application

    ““Seamless and elegant... they have thought this app through very carefully. I am especially impressed with the inheritance feature. I would recommend it to everyone.”

    Rating 5 glstanley
  • Best out there so far

    “As a person who does everything online, it's nice to not have to remember 20+ passwords to different logins.”

    Rating 5 Jerrayl

Access anywhere, anytime

Enjoy instant access to your SecureSafe from your iPad, iPhone or Android phone. Whether you’re at home, at the office or on the go, you will never lose touch with your important data.

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What’s new at SecureSafe?

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  • SecureSafe nominated as Best Enterprise Filesharing Tool
    SecureSafe nominated as Best Enterprise Filesharing Tool

    16 June 2015 has nominated SecureSafe for this year's Reader's Choice Award in the category of Enterprise Filesharing. Help us win and participate in the draw for one of three iPhone 6. Vote for us today!

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  • Secure Password App
    Secure Password App

    11 June 2015 has reviewed SecureSafe with a particular focus on our free app and the password safe. The verdict? The automatic synchronisation between different platforms (iOS, Android, Windows, Mac and web) is practical yet highly secure, and the password manager solves the problem of ever having to forget another password. Read the review here (article in German).

    Read more
  • Secure File Synchronization for PC/Mac
    Secure File Synchronization for PC/Mac

    17 April 2015

    We are thrilled to announce the release of the new SecureSafe Client that lets you synchronize your SecureSafe files with your PC or Mac in a safe and simple way. Download the client now and start working on your SecureSafe files from your local computer today.

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  • #RIP: How your online life goes on
    #RIP: How your online life goes on

    22 February 2015

    Because an increasing part of our everyday lives takes place online, dying is turning into an online challenge – legally, commercially and culturally. The time where this only concerned how one could pass on passwords or delete online accounts has long passed by now. (Article in German)

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  • SecureSafe on CNBC/SKY TV
    SecureSafe on CNBC/SKY TV

    17 February 2015

    Italian TV (CNBC/SKY) broadcasted a 25 minutes long program about SecureSafe covering how we help customers worldwide protect their data.

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  • Security Advisory: Be careful with your Flash Player!
    Security Advisory: Be careful with your Flash Player!

    23 January 2015

    Currently, the Adobe Flash Player contains an unpatched vulnerability that is actively exploited. Here are some advice on how to face this situation.

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  • New feature: Access rights for Team-Spaces
    New feature: Access rights for Team-Spaces

    06 November 2014

    We're introducing more distinct roles to control the rights of each individual team member.

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  • Log in to your SecureSafe using your fingerprint
    Log in to your SecureSafe using your fingerprint

    10 October 2014

    With SecureSafe, your important documents and passwords are always at your fingertips. We have made logging into your SecureSafe much easier. Use your fingerprint to log into the SecureSafe iOS App now.

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  • DSwiss launches partnership with Prosegur
    DSwiss launches partnership with Prosegur

    09 October 2014

    The globally active security service provider for cash logistics and management solutions is henceforth entrusting the support of its growing digital business to the high-security online data storage service SecureSafe.

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  • SecureSafe for Business: Simpler, more flexible pricing
    SecureSafe for Business: Simpler, more flexible pricing

    05 September 2014

    With SecureSafe for Business, we are introducing simple-to-calculate per-user prices, which also allow more flexible usage of Team-Spaces for secure collaboration.

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