Questions about Data Inheritance

What is data inheritance?

Data inheritance is a built-in SecureSafe feature that allows you to pass on important passwords and files to chosen beneficiaries (such as family members and life partners) in the case of an emergency or fatality. The transfer will happen automatically and securely.


Who are beneficiaries and what will they receive?

Beneficiaries are people you choose to define as such. Normally, beneficiares will be people from within your circle of loved ones. A beneficiary can inherit any number of files and passwords from you. You alone decide which documents and passwords you would like to allocate to a given beneficiary. Data, which you do not allocate to anyone, will be securely deleted once Data Inheritance had been carried out.


Who activates the Data Inheritance?

You specify one or more persons to be authorized activators, such as your life partner or close friends. These Activators will then be able to activate Data Inheritance by using a so-called Activation code, which you need to provide them with. You do not need a lawyer or other formalities for this process. Furthermore, improper activation is rendered impossible by the safeguarding delay.


How are beneficiaries notified?

Beneficiaries will either receive access codes for the files and passwords, which you have allocated to them, by means of a securely encrypted email or by registered mail sent to any destination worldwide through the Swiss postal service. When you set up Data Inheritance, you can decide how you wish your beneficiaries to be notified.


Do I have to notify my beneficiaries that they will be receiving data from me in the future?

No, you do not have to inform the beneficiaries that they will be receiving data at a later date. You should, however, regularly check that you have entered the correct telephone numbers, email addresses and an updated place of residence for all your beneficiaries to ensure that they will indeed be informed of the inherited data when relevant.


How does SecureSafe know when the Data Inheritance process should be started?

As an account owner, you chose one or more people you trust to be your Authorized Activator(s). You need to hand over instructions and an Activation code to each Activator to insure that he/she knows how to activate Data Inheritance correctly. In the event that anything happens to you, your Activator will start the Data Inheritance process.

SecureSafe has set a fraud protection system in place which will warn you, that the process has been started, giving you a chance to react, should the activation be fraudulent. Only if you do not react within a specified time interval (specified by yourself) will the process be finalized and your files transferred.


What is the safeguarding delay time?

The safeguarding delay is a period of time, which serves to prevent Data Inheritance from happening without your consent. As soon as one of your Authorised Activators activates Data Inheritance, the safeguarding delay period starts running (e.g. 15 days). During this safeguarding delay period, SecureSafe will contact you by email and SMS.

If the activation is happening against your will, you can simply log in to your SecureSafe account as usual and stop the Data Inheritance. If the Data iIheritance is stopped before the safeguarding period ends, the confidentiality of your files remains intact. No data or passwords will have left your File Safe and none of your beneficiaries will have been notified.


How can I stop the data inheritance process?

If Data Inheritance is activated for your account, we will notify you by email and SMS. If the activation is faulty, simply log in to your account and deactive the process. You will see an unmistakable notice informing you that the data inheritance process is running. You can now simply stop the process.

Remember that you need to deactivate Data Inheritance before the safeguarding delay period (chosen by you) has expired. If you deactivate Data Inheritance within this time frame, confidentiality is ensured as before. No data or passwords will have left your File Safe and none of your beneficiaries will have been notified.


How do I set up Data Inheritance?

You can also follow the Data Inheritance setup wizard integrated in your SecureSafe. To do so follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your SecureSafe via your PC/Mac.
  2. Choose your private safe.
  3. Click the “Data Inheritance” tab in the lower left hand side corner of your screen.
  4. Click “Setup Wizard”.
  5. Follow the instructions to complete the necessary steps for the Data Inheritance setup.


What is an activation code?

An activation code is a 36-digit code that can be used to activate the so-called Data Inheritance in your SecureSafe. The activation code can only be created from within your SecureSafe. You should only give this code to chosen individuals who you trust to carry out your wishes in terms of passing on your digital assets.