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  • cloud icon 100 MB
  • key icon 50 passwords

  • FREE
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  • cloud icon 1 GB
  • key icon unlimited passwords

  • USD 1.70/mo
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  • cloud icon 100 GB
  • key icon unlimited passwords

  • USD 13.20/mo
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SecureSafe Applications
Mobile Apps (iOS and Android)
File Synchronization (Mac and PC)
File Sharing
File Sharing with Public Link
File Sharing (with Security Code)
Mail-In Box (Receive Mails and Documents)
Mail-In Box Notifications
Full Encryption of your Data (using AES-256 and RSA-2048)
Double protection for your data in transport (EV SSL Protection)
Data Stored in banking compliant High-Security Data Centers in Switzerland
Secure login / DoubleSec
Secure PDF-Viewer and Image-Viewer for iPhone & iPad
Secure PDF-Viewer and Image-Viewer for Web
Data Inheritance
Max. Beneficiaries 1 2 3 20
Max. Registered Letters 0 0 3 20
E-Mail & Web Support System
Price per Month (incl. 8% VAT)
Price in USD for free USD 1.70 USD 4.40 USD 13.20
Price in EUR for free EUR 1.20 EUR 3.30 EUR 9.90
Price in CHF for free CHF 1.50 CHF 4.00 CHF 12.00
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