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SecureSafe is built to protect the privacy of your data. We employ a wide range of security measures including internationally renowned encryption methods, strong user authentication and redundant data storage.

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We are the safe alternative to Dropbox

We are the safe
alternative to Dropbox

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How we protect your data:

Data storage in a former military bunker in the Swiss mountains

  • The SecureSafe application is operated only in highly secure Swiss data centers one of which is a former military bunker in the Swiss mountains.

Banking compliant data centers

  • SecureSafe relies on several redundant data centers, which are all compliant with the security standards of the Swiss banking commission. This ensures that both the physical and digital security of your data is of the highest level.

Reinforce your password with a one time code

  • Like modern online banking solutions, we offer you a 2-factor authentication (mobile TAN) to further protect your privacy online. If you activate this feature, you will receive an additional login code by an SMS text message each time you log in to your SecureSafe. A new, unique code is created for each login to protect your SecureSafe account even if someone finds out your password.

SMS Authentication for mobile devices

  • Our apps for iPhone, iPad and Android also offer you 2-factor authentication. To make it even easier and more secure for you to use this extra layer of protection, our invention, DoubleSec, automates the second step of the authentication process on all mobile devices.
  • The strong SMS authentication is included in all paid SecureSafe subscriptions.

Protected by the Secure Remote Password Protocol

  • Your data is protected by the Secure Remote Password Protocol. This highly efficient security protocol created by Stanford University (RFC 2945) ensures that SecureSafe is extremely well protected from internet attacks.

Not even SecureSafe can ever access your password

  • In order to keep your data highly protected, SecureSafe can never access your login information. This means that we are also unable to help if you forget your password. To be safe, print out your personal Login Recovery Code as soon as you open a SecureSafe account and store it somewhere safe.

Need help choosing strong passwords?

  • Your SecureSafe indicates whether a password is truly strong or not. It also suggests easy to remember yet strong passwords based on a method we’ve developed in cooperation with the Zürich University of Applied Sciences.

Customer specific encryption

  • All your data is encrypted using a selection of highly secure and internationally renowned encryption methods. The key required to decrypt your data is created directly from your password using PBKDF#2 (RFC-2898). Your SecureSafe online safe is therefore fully protected from malicious hackers.

Secure for the long-term

  • Furthermore, we use AES-256 and RSA-2048 encryption standards. These encryption methods are designed to provide a maximum level of protection for many years to come.

Encryption in the memory of your computer 

  • We encrypt the passwords you store in SecureSafe in the memory of your computer while you are working. A password is temporarily decrypted and displayed only when you actually use and view it.

AES-256 encryption on iPhone, iPad and Android Apps

  • We do not rely on the protection provided by Apple or Google. Instead, we use AES-256 to encrypt all the data on your mobile phone. This is why our users have remained protected from recent attacks on iPhone and Android systems.

Double protection for your data in transport

  • SecureSafe uses EV SSL certificates. EV certificates are only given to companies that have been fully verified. You can recognize the EV certificate from the green background color in the address field of your browser.

Additional encryption of your passwords

  • In addition to SSL protection, SecureSafe uses a session key to encrypt particularly sensitive data such as your user data and passwords saved in SecureSafe. This additional encryption provides extra protection against random attacks, for example at internet cafés or airports.

Privacy by design

Privacy by design is our promise to you: we have embedded privacy directly into the design and architecture of the SecureSafe application. As a result, we can ensure that your personal data stays protected at all times.

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We Take a Stand for Privacy
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End-to-End Encryption

User Client
Data Center

Strong user authentication:

  • Your username and password is protected with the Secure Remote Password Protocol (SRP).
  • You can activate 2-factor authentication with SecureSafe Password PRO, SILVER and GOLD. With the DSwiss innovation DoubleSec you can automate an SMS authentication on your iPhone, iPad or Android device.

Encryption on a user’s computer and in apps:

  • SecureSafe encrypts all passwords that are temporarily loaded in the memory of any computer that you use with a secure session key AES-256.
  • All data that is locally stored on your iPhone, iPad or Android device is encrypted with AES-256 keys so that the apps can be used in offline mode.

Secure document viewing:

  • You can securely view PDF files and images directly in the file safe without leaving traces on the local drive of the computer.

Highest protection of essential data:

  • User credentials, metadata and password safe entries are doubly protected (AES-256).
  • In addition to SSL protection, SecureSafe creates a session key during SRP authentication to encrypt particularly sensitive data such as your user data and passwords saved in SecureSafe.
  • In contrast to other services, SecureSafe NEVER has to buffer your personal password or elements derived directly from it.

File encryption with SSL:

  • EV certificates are only given to companies that have been fully verified. You can verify the EV certificate by the background color in the address field of your browser.

The best server security:

  • You data is protected through disaster recovery management through triple application mirroring across two data centers.
  • 24h monitoring and alert escalation procedures prevent server problems.
  • SecureSafe applications are designed following NIST security standards.
  • OS and third party applications are constantly updated and strengthened.
  • System penetration testing by top security experts ensure our systems integrity.
  • The World’s leading vulnerability assessment center, McAfee, performs daily checks on SecureSafe.

Rigorous data center security:

  • Our data centers are characterized by the highest level of security and are also compliant to Swiss banking commission security standards.
Continuous Security Checks

Continuous Security Checks

The world’s leading external vulnerability assessment from McAfee checks our systems resistance to internet crime and hacker attacks on a daily basis.

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