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SecureSafe Business Pricing

SecureSafe for Business makes team collaboration secure and simple. Open a FREE Team Space trial today to test our popular business collaboration tool for 30 days. Buy single Team Spaces directly online or save money by ordering our flexible business bundle.

The business bundle

The business bundle includes a minimum order of 3 users for 12 months. For each ordered user, you receive a Team Space, which holds member seats equivalent to the total number of ordered users. Hence, if you order 5 users, you will receive a total of 5 Team Spaces with each 5 member seats. You can distribute your users across your Team Spaces as you see fit.

As a standard, each Team Space comes with 10 GB, which can be upgraded according to your needs.
Additional storage packages of 100 GB cost 13.20 USD/month.

30-day trial

  • 1 Team Space
    with 2 members
  • team icon Trial with
    10 GB shared file storage plus symbol Personal password manager

  • FREE
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Single Team Space

  • Starting from 1 Team Space
    with 2 members
  • team icon Starting from
    10 GB shared file storage plus symbol Personal password manager

  • USD 4.50 / user / month
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Feature overview - this is included in your Team Space(s)


Single Team Space

Business Bundle

File Sharing in Synced Folders
Automatic Saving of Earlier Document Versions
File Transfer with Public Link
Secure File Transfer with Security Code
Admin Portal
Different Member Rights
Activity Journal
Activity Notifications by Email
Mobile Apps (iOS and Android)
Client for File Sync (Mac/PC)
Double Encryption of Your Data at Rest
Double Protection of Your Data in Transport
Data Stored in Switzerland
Triple Redundant Storage of Your Data
Security enhancing features
Secure Login / DoubleSec
Secure PDF- and Image-Viewer for iPhone & iPad
Secure PDF- and Image-Viewer for Web
SecureCapture (iOS/Android)
Personal File Storage Quota 100 MB 100 MB 100 MB, 1 GB, 20 GB or 100 GB
Storage Capacity in Passwordsafe 50 passwords 50 passwords 50 passwords
Mail-In Box (Receive Mails and Documents)
Mail-In Box Notifications
Data Inheritance
Pass chosen files and passwords on Maximum 1 beneficiary Maximum 1 beneficiary Maximum 1 beneficiary
Max. registered letters (for beneficiary/ies) 0 0 0
E-Mail & Web Support System
Price / User / Month (excl. VAT)
Price in USD for free USD 4.50 /
user / month
from USD 9.90 /
user / month
Price in EUR for free EUR 3.50 /
user / month
from EUR 9.00 /
user / month
Price in CHF for free CHF 4.00 /
user / month
from CHF 9.50 /
user / month
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