Imagine being regularly asked about your vaccination status and how convenient it would be to have it close to hand at all times. That's exactly what your SecureSafe offers you.

Your wallet for the digital vaccination certificate 

We are all longing to get back to normal – and a few of us even get tingles at the mere mention of going to restaurants, theatre performances, meeting friends or even air travel. In future, this type of normality will finally be possible in many countries thanks to the Covid-19 vaccination certificate. We have taken this as an opportunity to further develop our mobile app. With SecureSafe, you can easily and securely scan your Covid-19 certificate straight into your safe and call it up whenever you need with just one click in the app.

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One tap to Covid-19 vaccination certificate in the SecureSafe App

The SecureSafe mobile App provides a new function allowing users to select and view their digitised vaccination certificate with a single tap. The only prerequisite is that users must have already received a printed version of the valid certificate. It can then be simply copied using the SecureSafe integrated document scanner and deposited straight into the user’s personal safe.

Vaccination certificate in SecureSafe – It’s as simple as that

Step 1

Open the current version of SecureSafe on your mobile phone. On the login page, tap the "Scan vaccination certificate" button.

Step 2

Using the mobile document scanner, scan your vaccination certificate, negative test result or proof of having recovered from an infection.

Step 3

Your certificate is now saved in the folder "Vaccination certificates". From now on you can access your certificate directly from the login page by clicking on the button "Show vaccination certificate".

Your vaccination data is safe with SecureSafe

Anytime and anywhere

Anytime and anywhere

Scan your Covid certificates and vaccination documents directly with SecureSafe and access them from the app's homepage. You can easily identify yourself within seconds.



Protecting your privacy is our business model. SecureSafe is designed with a multi-level crypto architecture so that even our employees cannot access your certificates.



The SecureSafe application is based on high cryptographic standards, all data is stored on servers in Switzerland in multiple encrypted form and additionally encrypted during data transport.

Worldwide relaxations with Covid-19 certificates

Governments around the world are now introducing relaxations in regards to Covid-19 restrictions for people who have been vaccinated against SARS-COV-2.

European Union+

In the EU, citizens will receive a so-called digital green certificate if they have either been vaccinated against Covid-19, have tested negative or have already recovered from COVID-19. This document is intended to allow the coordinated lifting of restrictions on freedom of movement.


In the USA, those who have been vaccinated are once again allowed to gather indoors and without a mask; the social distancing rules have been lifted. They are also allowed to meet non-vaccinated people under certain conditions and no longer need to be quarantined if they have had contact with acutely infected people.


In Switzerland, very specific vaccination privileges are currently under discussion for holders of Covid-19 certificates, including access to large events such as festivals, but also to bars and clubs.

Vaccination certificate, Covid-19 certificate and digital green certificate – What applies?

In the COVID-19 pandemic, there are basically two ways for people to prove they have been vaccinated against Covid-19: either with a valid entry in the classic yellow vaccination certificate of the World Health Organisation (this is the vaccination booklet in Switzerland), or with digital proof.

The EU certificate: The digital green certificate+

The digital green certificate is valid in all EU countries. It consists of a QR code, is issued in the respective national language and in English and is accepted in both a paper and digital format. Inspectors are obliged to accept your proof of vaccination scanned with SecureSafe.

Covid-19 certificate+

In Switzerland, proof of vaccination against Covid-19, of having recovered from Covid-19 or of having tested negative, is called a Covid certificate. Just like the digital green pass, the Swiss Covid certificate also contains a QR code. The Federal Office of Public Health explicitly states on its website that the certificate may be scanned and used in an app on your mobile phone.

Digital vaccination book and digital vaccination card+

Following the example of the classic ID cards in Germany ("Impfbuch”, engl. vaccination book) and Switzerland ("Impfausweis" engl. vaccination card), the various countries are currently working on digital versions to be published in the summer on occasion of the current Covid-19 pandemic.

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