Why banks offer our highly secure data vault to their customers


How can my bank ensure customer loyalty?

In today’s world of empowered customers, bank must ask themselves: “How do I ensure customer loyalty?”. The customer is only a few clicks away from switching to another provider. If banks want to survive, they must come up with innovative ways to bind the customer to them. The data vault is one key solution, which digitally leading banks such as UBS now invest in.

Help your customers manage more than their money

Consider the following: How many important files and passwords does your average customer have? Probably hundreds. Passwords for every online account from e-banking to LinkedIn. Important personal files such as insurance policies, bank statements, ID papers etc. Now consider this: Where do they keep all these important files? As paper copies in a folder in the office back home or in their email inbox? Why not with your bank?

Where do your customers keep all their important personal files? Why not with your bank?

Safe-keep all their important files and they’ll never leave you

Imagine that you offer your customers a smart and safe way of safekeeping their ever-growing list of important files and passwords. Now you enable them to stop saving essential files in a myriad of different, unsafe places. Furthermore, you help them to always know where to find that insurance policy when their car is damaged, where to look for those papers for their tax statements and where to find a copy of their passport should it ever go missing. It's all right there in their data safe integrated in your e-banking solution with your branding.

Now that your customer has all his / her important personal files stored with you, what are the chances he / she will leave you?

Not only does your customer see your brand at every login to her data safe, but how likely is she to leave you now?

Why should customers store all these important files with you?

Because you are a bank and you have a long-lasting tradition of being the custodian of valuables. Furthermore, your institution is subject to rigorous security and privacy protection regulations.

And you don’t even have to invent a product from scratch. DSwiss is the inventor of digital vaults that offer the convenience of Dropbox & co. combined with the security and privacy protection levels of a Swiss bank. We have proved the efficiency of our technology many times over with clients such as UBS, Zürcher Kantonalbank, UniCredit Bank, Thurgauer Kantonalbank, Neue Argauerbank and many more.

Take this chance to strengthen your customer loyalty and build your brand as a digital innovator.

Meet us at Finovate London 2017: watch our live product demonstration on February 7 or reach out to us via Turn on Javascript! for more information.

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