Beware of fake domain names


Author: DSwiss

When logging in via a web browser, always make sure that the correct URL is in the address bar of your browser. Cyber attackers create deceptively realistic copies of web apps, online shops and eBanking systems in order to steal login data. The only correct URL for the SecureSafe web app is:

Typosquatting is an attack method which is frequently used by cyber criminals in order to create exact copies of websites. It is only possible to tell if the website is genuine or not by the address line in the browser, where small deviations or typos in the product or company name are visible. If the user logs in to the fake website, the attackers are able to get hold of their access details and thereby gain access to their account. The SecureSafe web app is also increasingly being used by cyber criminals in order to deceive users.

How to you protect yourself against typosquatting attacks:

  • Enter the required website address manually in the browser. Searching via Google may lead you to fake websites via advertisements. The only correct address for our web app is
    (Login URL:
  • Check the URL in the browser for typos or spelling with additional numbers, letters or symbols.
  • After checking the destination address is correct, create a bookmark for it.
  • Change your login password immediately if you realize that you may have logged in to a fake URL.
  • If in doubt, contact customer support for further information.

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