Sharp rise in cyber attacks


Author: DSwiss

We are currently seeing an increasing number of cyber attacks on SecureSafe accounts. The attackers are trying to log into user accounts by entering passwords automatically and indiscriminately. This is called a brute force attack and is one of the most common forms of cybercrime. SecureSafe is well prepared for these attacks and has countless protection mechanisms. However, choosing a suitable master password and enabling two-factor authentication is also incredibly important to give your account the best possible protection.

Use a strong master password (SecureSafe login)

To protect your account, please choose a password with at least 12 characters that you do not use anywhere else. There are 2 reasons for this: Longer passwords are more difficult to crack because the number of possible character combinations increases with each additional character. In addition, the same passwords should not be used for different accounts, as in the event of a security leak, the passwords could become publicly accessible.

Important: Please print a copy of your recovery code or write down the code and store it in a safe place.

Protect your account with 2-factor authentication

Use 2-factor authentication to eliminate the risk of brute force attacks. As even if the attackers were to crack the password they could not access the account. Two-factor authentication is already available with our most affordable subscription SecureSafe Pro.

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