Security Summary – September 2016

We end every month with a security summary. This short monthly review summarises important news and blog posts, which focus on IT security, cloud computing and privacy protection.

1. 500 million Yahoo accounts hacked

Yahoo has confirmed that more than 500 million user data was stolen in the year of 2014. This embodies one of the largest data thefts in the history of the internet. The company assumes that he attackers were assigned by a government. Yahoo advices all users to change their passwords and security questions.

2. Hackers take over control of Tesla functionality

In certain situations, security researchers were able to gain control over the rear-view mirror, windshield wipers, the car light and the trunk of the model S Tesla. Tesla has fixed the security vulnerabilities through a software update.

3. Intel sells McAfee for 3.1 billion US dollars

Intel sells 51% of Intel Security to finance investor TPG and change the name of the company back to McAfee. John McAfee subsequently files a complaint because he wants to reserve the right to his own name for other security products.

4. DDoS attacks hit traffic record on security journalist

The security journalist Brian Krebs was made a victim of the most violent DDoS attackers ever to be seen. A staggering 620 gigabit per second traffic volume was measured in the cyber-attack against him. This quite possibly represents the largest server onslaught that has ever been recorded in relation with a DDoS attack.

5. Hacker publishes confidential data of the World Anti-Doping Agency

Russian hackers have attacked the World Anti-Doping Agency and made numerous medical data of elite athletes publically available.

6. Self-owned data centres are losing importance to companies

Only 25% of German companies are further developing a self-own data centre. Furthermore, the study "Disruption in data centres" found that 80% of the surveyed companies are strongly influenced by digitalisation.