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Author: DSwiss

To stay safe online, you need a strong, unique password for each and every online account that you create. Use the SecureSafe password manager to keep track of your ever-growing list of passwords and avoid the risk of reusing weak passwords.

Built-in password manager

Your SecureSafe account always comes with a built-in password keeper with highly sophisticated security and privacy-protection mechanisms. With SecureSafe FREE, you can save up to 50 passwords in your password manager. All paid subscription types include unlimited password entries. Most importantly: Our zero-knowledge system architecture ensures that no one but you, not even our developers, can access the data stored in your SecureSafe. Hence your passwords are safer here than anywhere else.

Access your password keeper anytime, anywhere

We know that convenience is key when all your passwords are saved in the one place. So we have made sure you can always access your SecureSafe password manager no matter the place and time. Access it from:

  • any browser of your choice
  • directly from your smartphone with our free iOS and Android apps
  • directly from your laptop or desktop with the SecureSafe Client for Windows or Mac
  • Smart features to simplify your password management

Smart features for safer password management

Our password keeper comes with numerous smart features that make it easy to handle a long list of passwords.

Offline access to password manager
Store an encrypted copy of your passwords directly on your smartphone. This way, you can access your passwords even if you have no internet access.

Touch ID / Fingerprint login
Gain even faster access to your password keeper by activating Touch ID or Fingerprint login for the app.

Password generator
Let our password generator suggest unique and strong passwords for you. Choose which rules should be applied to your new password – for example whether it should include numbers, capitalised letters and special characters – and receive instant suggestions for high-quality passwords.

Password checker
Our smart password checker helps you stay safe online. It gives you a quick overview of how many passwords are being reused and whether you are using weak passwords, which should be replaced with strong ones.

Password entry categories
Organise your password entries according to categories, which you create and manage (e.g. work, social, online stores). A unique colour is assigned to each category.

Autofill for passwords
With the autofill feature, the SecureSafe password manager automatically fills in your username and password in the relevant fields when you log in to an account.

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