Highly secure file manager

Every SecureSafe account includes a highly secure and privacy-protected file manager for your personal use. Here, you can upload and manage identity papers, contracts, insurance policies, certificates, wedding images and other files, which deserve special protection.

Your file manager – Swiss-based and triple secure

We are different from other cloud services because each and every file you upload to your SecureSafe file manager is stored three times across our data centers to keep the risk of data loss at an absolute minimum.

Furthermore, we own and manage the servers on which your files are stored. We can thus guarantee that your files are stored exclusively in Switzerland. Lastly, we employ zero-knowledge architecture meaning that no one but you, not even our own developers, can access the files in your SecureSafe.

Gather all your important files in one safe place

Whether you are logging in to your safe from a web browser, your personal computer or the mobile app, you’ll always have an intuitive and easy way of uploading files to your file manager.

  • Drag and drop entire folders to your file manager, for example image libraries you want to keep safe.
  • Use the camera on your smartphone to scan and upload any document to your safe, for example a copy of your driver’s license or a receipt.
  • Activate your personal SecureSafe email inbox (Mail-In) to forward important documents directly to your safe as email attachments, for example bills from your phone or electricity provider.

Upcoming: Find any file in seconds with privacy-protected search

Looking for your tax statement from last year or the warranty for your washing machine? If you keep all your files in your SecureSafe file manager, you will soon benefit from our privacy-protected full text search – an intelligent search function that enables you to find any document in seconds without compromising security.

Please, be aware that this feature is upcoming and has not yet been integrated into SecureSafe.

Simplifies your search
Automatically completes your search queries and corrects any spelling mistakes.

Broadens your search
Takes scanned PDFs into account and recognizes the search terms independently of declination and conjugation. Synonyms are also included.

Helps find exactly what you need
Text analysis recognizes and takes into account the language of the searched documents. The user can also filter the search by language.

Finds your files more efficiently
Includes a hit preview, a document viewer and extensive interactive search filters such as names, locations, organizations and much more.

Allows you to stay secure
Guarantees the highest level of privacy protection at all times because each individual document and the search index itself are encrypted.

Select the subscription type most suited to your needs

It is free of charge to sign up for SecureSafe via our website or by downloading our app. A free account is limited to 100 MB of storage space but never expires leaving plenty of time for you to test our service. Once convinced, you can purchase a paid subscription to expand your storage space capacity. Our standard offers are:

If you need more storage space, we offer additional packages of 50 GB or 100 GB. Contact our sales team for more information.

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