Protect your account with the recovery code

We employ zero knowledge for all SecureSafe accounts. This means that no one in our team can access personal data such as customer passwords. Therefore, it is paramount that you print out your recovery code: this code will ensure you access to your SecureSafe in case you should forget your password.

Our zero knowledge policy guarantees our customer the best possible privacy protection. The encryption architecture of SecureSafe even makes it impossible for our own employees, including the programmers, to ever access a customer’s account.

Print out your recovery code

The above mentioned security aspect has one big disadvantage: it means that we cannot reset customer passwords, since these are not stored anywhere on our servers. If you forget your SecureSafe password, we cannot help you regain access - all we can do is to delete your entire account.

We therefore highly recommend that you secure your continued access to your SecureSafe with the 36-digit long recovery code. If you log in to your online account, you will find the recovery code under “My Account > Recovery”. Logging in from your smartphone, go to "Settings > Recovery Code". Note down or print out the code and keep it in a safe place. You will find more information in this video: