SecureSafe – More than just a password manager


Author: DSwiss

With the SecureSafe password and file manager, password and file management is not only extremely secure, but you can also benefit from numerous additional functions. One function that we would like to introduce to you here is Password Autofill.

Convenient, fast and secure: register and log in with Password Autofill

When it comes to registering and logging in to online services and apps of all kinds, the Password Autofill function is particularly helpful. It combines convenience, speed and outstanding security. Once activated, the function is extremely easy to use. You can access your passwords directly from the login page of any service and have the necessary fields filled in automatically. This way you can log in absolutely securely in just a few seconds.

In addition, you can now also generate your login data in SecureSafe directly from the registration page of a service or an app, save it and use it immediately. This will ensure the high quality of your password and make sure that all your passwords have been securely stored directly in the safe.

Try it out and see if you’re convinced. You can find detailed instructions in our FAQs for iOS and Android.

Generate secure passwords

At this point, we would also like to remind you of the importance of password security.

There are two essential password rules that we would like to emphasise:

  1. Never use the same password twice.
  2. Make sure that your passwords are at least 12 characters long. The SecureSafe password generator will help you with both.

We would be happy to share more tips with you: How to make passwords more secure and less stressful.

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