Completely revised Android mobile app now available

Our completely revised mobile app for Android is now available for download! Numerous new features such as Fingerprint Login, password entry categories, document scanner and new file edit options make SecureSafe your indispensable companion on-the-go.

The new Android app features at a glance

Fingerprint Login
Good news for Android users! Now you also can use your fingerprint to log in to your SecureSafe account. In order to make use of this feature your smartphone must have a fingerprint sensor (please note that you need Android 6 Marshmallow or later installed on a device with a fingerprint sensor to make use of this feature).

Document scanner
Our brand-new document scanner uses the camera of your phone to allow you to scan any document directly to your SecureSafe. Scan multiple pages, automatically and manually crop your image and choose from different color schemes before you save your scanned document.

PDF annotations
Use PDF annotations to add comments or signatures to your PDFs from both Android and iOS devices. Furthermore, make use of the brand-new PDF library, which lets you browse large PDF files much more conveniently.

Password entry categories
Organize your password entries according to categories, which you create and manage. To give you an even better overview of your password categories, each category now has its own color.

Text notes
Newly, you can create text notes directly from within your SecureSafe. This feature allows you to create, edit, save and access highly confidential notes without ever leaving the secure environment of your SecureSafe account.

  • Preview the new features

    1: Simply use your fingerprint to log yourself in to your SecureSafe.
    2: Create your own password categories to organise passwords.
    3: Each password category automatically gets its own color.

    Click image to enlarge preview.

  • Preview the new features

    4: Scan documents and save them directly in your SecureSafe.
    5: Add notes and signatures to PDFs while on-the-go.
    6: Create text notes from within your safe without leaving a digital trail.

    Click image to enlarge preview.