Log in to SecureSafe securely and conveniently with Touch ID


Author: DSwiss

We already learned at school that every fingerprint is unique. And that is exactly why Touch ID or a fingerprint is one of the most secure methods when it comes to securing and unlocking digital accounts. On top of that, this method is also very practical, because we always have our index finger with us. Now this secure and practical method has also found its way into the SecureSafe Desktop App for MacOs.

This is how it works

To configure Touch ID in your SecureSafe app, all you need to do is follow the steps below:

  1. Make sure that you have configured Touch ID as the login method in your Mac's system settings.
  2. Select Touch ID in the settings in the SecureSafe Desktop App.
  3. The configuration will be completed when you enter your password again the next time you log in.

You can also find detailed instructions in our FAQs.

Don’t forget your password!

As easy and convenient as logging in via Touch ID is, there is one pitfall: the less often we use passwords, the greater the risk of forgetting them. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you have your 36-digit recovery code handy to reset your account if necessary, just in case. Without a password or recovery code, the data in SecureSafe will be irretrievably lost. This is because SecureSafe has no access to your password or recovery code due to its strict zero-knowledge architecture.

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