Local password access reduces your risk of being hacked

The new SecureSafe Client offers you access to your password safe directly from your PC/Mac. Install it, use it and reduce your risk of being hacked.

Are you also using weak passwords?

If you are like the average Internet user, you have a few tried and true passwords, which you assign to every new online account you open. Commonly used are combinations of names of family members or loved ones, birthdates, house numbers or lucky numbers. Although these password combinations may seem private to you, the rise of social media has seen virtually all of us share such information as when we where born, who we are currently in a relationship with, who we are related to and where we live with a very broad and partially unknown audience.

The flood of information, which we share, makes us vulnerable to hackers, who find all the pieces they need to collect the puzzle and hack poorly protected accounts (such as our email account). If you end up a victim, they may use the access to place malicious software on your computer or to collect information enabling them to impersonate you and log themselves in to much more sensitive systems such as your e-banking account. So how can you avoid this happening to you without having to make up and memorise some dozen randomised password combinations?

Use your SecureSafe password safe directly from your PC or Mac

A secure access to your SecureSafe password safe directly from your PC or Mac can help improve your risk profile drastically. Having your password safe a click away, you are more likely to create and use one unique password for each online account you have. If you are not feeling creative, you can simply use the password generator, which will suggest absolutely random, very strong passwords to you.

No more combinations of names and birthdays, which are easy to crack. No more fear of forgetting, which password belongs to an account right when you need to access it the most. You simply open your password safe and it is all right there.

All your passwords whenever you need them

The SecureSafe password safe is integrated in all SecureSafe accounts, so you already have one, even if you have never used it. It will keep all your passwords easily accessible to you whenever you need them. You can:

  • switch to the safe, direct PC/Mac access when you are in the office or at home sitting by your computer.
  • use our highly secure, free iOS or Android apps (even with optional offline password access) when you are on-the-go.
  • log in to the secure web app if you need to use another computer than your own.

With the password safe, you no longer have to choose between convenience and security - and you will become a lot harder to victimise in the virtual jungle.

One crucial difference to keep your passwords secure

Generally, experts do not recommend storing your passwords on your PC or Mac because this makes you highly vulnerable to anyone gaining access to your computer. We absolutely agree with the experts’ advice.

That is why SecureSafe has designed local password access with one crucial difference; The SecureSafe Client for PC/Mac never stores your passwords on your computer. Passwords are only safely retrieved from the SecureSafe server in the moment you copy them to use them.

We protect your passwords every step of the way

Stored on the SecureSafe server itself, all your passwords are protected by a sophisticated encryption scheme that we have openly published and which has been reviewed several times by security experts. Not until you open the SecureSafe Client on your PC or Mac and copy a password, will it be safely fetched from the server.

When it travels from the server via the Internet to your computer’s temporary memory, it is doubly encrypted throughout its journey (using SSL and AES-256). Upon arrival it is securely released as plain text for a short period of time in the clipboard of your computer – giving you enough time to use it to open a given online account. Once the password has served its purpose, all traces of it are automatically, completely erased from your computer’s clipboard, until you decide to copy it again.

Personalise your password access

To increase security, you can manually define how long you wish the system to keep your passwords in the clipboard. Furthermore, the password safe will always auto lock after a certain period of inactivity from your side. Naturally, you can adjust this period of time to suit your needs or you can manually lock your password safe with a simply click.

Finally, you can choose to deactivate the password module entirely from the SecureSafe Client if you only wish to use the client for file synchronisation.