File encryption for cloud synchronisation


Author: DSwiss

After two years of intense development, our team is proud to present an absolutely unique security feature, currently one of a kind worldwide: local encryption for file synchronization.

The latest version of the SecureSafe Client for PC and Mac enables you to protect the files you sync between SecureSafe and your computer by automatically encrypting them directly on your computer.

Get the new SecureSafe Client

How to get it running

This video shows you how to set up local encryption for the folders you sync between your computer and SecureSafe. Take a few minutes to learn how to significantly strengthen the security of your files using this brand new feature.

How it protects your files

Files in a locally encrypted folder are automatically decrypted when you log in to the SecureSafe Client. With the client running, you can open, edit and save your files as usual. The magic happens when you log out: your encrypted folders now appear empty and only you know how to access their content.

How it prevents advanced data theft

Local encryption offers an additional layer of protection in the event someone steals your computer. Even if a thief uses advanced methods and installs your computer’s hard drive in another machine to bypass your password, he or she cannot access the locally encrypted files.

How it empowers you

Not all files are of equal value, but some files are worth protecting with premium security. You decide which folders you want to encrypt and which ones you simply want to openly sync.

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