Home office with SecureSafe

The Covid-19 crisis is forcing many office workers to work from home. The Federal Office of Public Health in Switzerland and many similar authorities in other countries are encouraging companies to allow their employees to work from home wherever possible in order to minimize the risk of infection caused by unnecessary contact on public transport and in offices.

Although home office and teleworking regimes have become more and more common in recent years, many companies do not yet have the necessary infrastructure to ensure the security of digital collaborations over the home network. According to media reports, cybercriminals are already adapting to the current situation, seeking to exploit security gaps left open by companies when they suddenly switch to the collective home office.

With SecureSafe your company data is safe

The basis of working together in a home office regime is digital security. Our primary assurance is to securely share, store, download and send files. We guarantee security on several levels: when logging in, when encrypting data, when storing data and when managing access. More details on SecureSafe security can be found here.

Shared workspace and secure file sharing with Team Safes

Team Safes are folders in which authorized members of your company can save and exchange files. The shared files are regularly synchronized so that all team members can access the latest version, regardless of where they are working.

Is your sales team currently working on a presentation for an important pitch? When the PowerPoint or Keynote file is moved to the Sales Team Safe, it becomes accessible to all members. With SecureViewer Plus, SecureSafe offers additional functions for PDFs that can be searched, read, edited with comments and even digitally signed without compromising on encryption.

Earlier document versions are retained so that older versions can be used. Members with administration rights invite new members with security codes and define different user rights and roles.

Sending small and large files securely with SecureSend

With SecureSend, your employees can securely send sensitive data to customers, partners or other stakeholders even if they don’t share Team Safes or don’t have a SecureSafe account. Confidential documents such as contracts and other reserved company information, but also large files can be shared in a highly secure manner.

Highly secure password manager to combat phishing attacks

The password manager is an important part of SecureSafe. Your employees not only manage their online access, but are also assigned very strong passwords by the integrated password generator. SecureSafe also points out any weak passwords and, if necessary, recommends your employees adjust their passwords accordingly to increase protection.

Test SecureSafe for free – extended test phases

We are facing uncertain times. We very abruptly become aware of this after the last outbreak followed by the exponential spread of the new coronavirus. Given that many companies need solutions at short notice to cope with the switch to remote working, we at DSwiss and SecureSafe have decided to extend the free Team Safe test phases from 30 to 90 days. This gives your company enough time to adapt to the new situation and set up a suitable security infrastructure for remote working.

We hope that SecureSafe allows us to help many companies, like us, who have been overwhelmed by recent events but haven’t yet been able to prepare a secure home office infrastructure. Do you have any questions or comments about home office with SecureSafe? We invite you to communicate your concerns.

Free 30-day trial for your shared team safe

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