Happy Data Privacy Day 2019

Today is Data Privacy Day – a full day dedicated to raise awareness of digital security and privacy protection online. Millions of people are unaware of how their personal data is being collected, shared and sold in today’s digital society. Initiatives such as the Data Privacy Day seek to change that by gathering best practices for password management, social networking and web cam safety to name a few.

SecureSafe is designed to offer every single person worldwide a safe alternative mainstream file safe solutions. We want you to be able to manage passwords, store and share files with the knowledge that no one – not even SecureSafe employees – can ever access your personal files. We are thrilled at the chance to highlight the crucial topic of data privacy protection and digital security.

In line with Data Privacy Day, we want to outline some of the most powerful steps you can take as an individual and business if you want to increase your online safety.

13 steps that will increase your online safety

  • Create passwords that are at least 12 characters long.
  • Choose a unique password for each of your digital accounts.
  • Whenever possible, activate double authentication.
  • If you open a dubious looking email, do not click any links and delete it straight away.
  • Never pass on personal data such as account or credit card data using email.
  • Use a trusted email provider and always send sensitive data encrypted.
  • Keep your operating system up to date. Install updates when prompted.
  • Install a firewall to ward off threats.
  • Use a virus scanner program to detect and reject possible security threats.
  • Use ad blocker to protect yourself from viruses that might be introduced to your computer through seemingly innocent banner ads.
  • Do not use public WLAN routers (unencrypted wireless networks).
  • If unnecessary, do not use accounts with administrator rights in your daily work.
  • Only install programs from trustworthy sources.

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