A sneak peak of the new HTML5 web interface

e are constantly collecting user feedback for SecureSafe in order to find out, which improvements would make our users even more satisfied with their SecureSafe experience. On the basis of a repeated user wish, we are looking very much forward to introduce a completely redesigned HTML5 based web interface soon.

Moreover, we are excited to soon introduce password categories - something many of you have put right on top of your SecureSafe wish list. It will be an eventful 2016 indeed.

You can already test the new interface here: https://www.securesafe.com/app/#/login?language=en

Image 1
The new dashboard will be the first thing you see when you log in to your SecureSafe account. Here you will have a nice overview of your personal safe and any Team Spaces you may have opened.

Image 2
This is the brand new file safe as it will appear in the HTML5-based web interface. A new layout ensures better usability and a more modern look and feel for the file safe. We also included new features such as a practical 'drag and drop' option to upload complete folder structures and a document preview.

Image 3
You can expect a great improvement to the password manager with the new password categories. As shown above, you will be able to sort your passwords by categories so you can easily find the right one when needed.