​Secure file synchronization

Make sure your team is able to work efficiently even if its members are geographically dispersed, working in different times zones or performing part of their job offsite. With the SecureSafe Client you sync all team files between your work computer and SecureSafe, so all team members are always up to date.

Get a dedicated SecureSafe folder on your PC or Mac

Download and install the free SecureSafe Client for your PC or Mac to start synchronizing files between your SecureSafe account and personal computer. You will have a dedicated SecureSafe folder on your computer and anything saved or edited in that folder will instantly be synced to the relevant location in your online account and consequently to all accounts with which you share files.

You decide which parts of your safe to sync

You decide which parts of your SecureSafe you want to sync to your computer. For each area synced you will have a dedicated sub-folder in your SecureSafe folder. In this way, your private safe will be completely separate to any team safes of which you are a member, and files shared with members of one team safe cannot be viewed by members of another.

Synchronize team files with ease of mind

The SecureSafe Client comes with an extra couple of neat features to keep you secure both online and offline.

  • Sophisticated encryption to protect your files both during syncing between your SecureSafe and your computer, and while stored on our servers.
  • Local encryption ensures that your data is protected by an additional layer of security, should someone steal your computer (upcoming).

Access your password manager from your PC or Mac

With the SecureSafe Client, you will have direct access to your personal password safe directly from your PC or Mac (optional). If you have activated 2-factor authentication for your account login, you will need to enter a one-time security code once only to connect your computer to your safe. After that, we automate the second step of the login procedure for you. This makes it even easier for you to access, manage and use strong, unique passwords for each of your online accounts.

Download the SecureSafe Client