Medical Safe
digital patient file

Your digital safe deposit box for health documents

The Medical Safe is a component of SecureSafe and is used to deliver health documents. GPs and medical practices have the option of sending SecureSafe users their reports, prescriptions or X-ray images in digital form, securely and in compliance with data protection regulations. Insecure communication channels such as e-mails become superfluous and you have a central repository for your health documents.

How do I activate the Medical Safe?
  1. Download the SecureSafe app to your cell phone. The app is free to download for iPhone and Android users.
  2. Create a new / free account. If you already have a SecureSafe account, no new registration is required.
  3. Report to the reception of your practice to activate your Medical Safe.

The service is currently only available to SecureSafe users in Switzerland and requires the medical practice to use BlueConnect software from BlueCare. Ask your doctor's surgery if you would like to use Medical Safe.


Desktop app

The SecureSafe client enables data synchronization with Mac or PC.


iPhone App

For Apple users, SecureSafe is available as a download from the iTunes store.

Download for iOS

Android app

For Android users, SecureSafe is available for download in the Google Play store.

Download for Android

Benefits for patients

  • Central storage for health documents
  • 3-fold data backup in Switzerland
  • Documents are always to hand
  • Sole data sovereignty with the patient
  • Digital estate function for emergency situations
  • Easy storage of your own health documents thanks to integrated scanner
  • Secure forwarding of documents using SecureSend (e.g. sending medical certificates to employers)