How to uninstall the SecureSafe desktop app on a PC

Questions about file synchronisation for PC and Mac

  • Log in to the SecureSafe desktop app from your PC
  • Start by choosing „Sync all“ to make sure that all recent changes you have made to files have been synchronised to the SecureSafe web application (your online account)
  • Once the synchronisation is complete, choose the „File Sync Settings“ tab
  • Click each item in the sync folder list, then click the minus button at the end of the list to remove the item (items must be removed one by one)
  • Once the sync folder list is empty, you no longer synchronise any changes you make to local folders with the web application
  • Quit the SecureSafe desktop app (do not just log out, but right click the SecureSafe icon and choose “Quit”)
  • Proceed by deleting all the folders that have been created by the SecureSafe desktop app on your PC
  • You are now ready to uninstall the SecureSafe desktop app. To do so, go to the “Control Panel” of your PC
  • From here choose “Programs and features” and search for “SecureSafe” in the list
  • Once you have found the SecureSafe desktop app, right click it and choose “Uninstall”
  • Accept to uninstall the software and wait until the process is complete
  • To make sure that all settings from the SecureSafe desktop app are completely deleted from your computer, go to “This PC” and select your Local Disk (C:).
  • From here, search for the file "com.dswiss.securesafe.db3” and delete it (see image below)
  • FAQs/SecureSafe-Client-Uninstall.png

    • If you used the option “Login automatically when SecureSafe starts” for the SecureSafe desktop app, then your credentials are stored in the registry. You can remove them by copy pasting the following text into Command Prompt and hitting enter: "reg DELETE HKCU\Software\DSwiss\securesafe"