How to uninstall the SecureSafe Client on a Mac

Questions about file synchronisation for PC and Mac

  • Log in to the SecureSafe Client from your Mac
  • Start by choosing „Sync all“ to make sure that all recent changes you have made to files have been synchronised to the SecureSafe web application (your online account)
  • Once the synchronisation is complete, choose the „File Sync Settings“ tab
  • Click each item on the list, then click the minus button at the end of the list to remove the item (items must be removed one by one)
  • Once the item list is empty, log out of the SecureSafe Client
  • Proceed by deleting all the folders that have been created by the SecureSafe Client on your Mac
  • You are now ready to uninstall the SecureSafe Client
  • To make sure that all settings from the SecureSafe Client are completely deleted, download and install the tool AppZapper for free here: http://www.appzapper.com/ (you may also use other uninstall tools if preferred)
  • Once you have installed AppZapper, open it. From your applications folder, drag and drop you SecureSafe application to the AppZapper.
  • This will allow you to completely uninstall the SecureSafe Client including all hidden settings made by it