How does the 2-factor authentication login work?

Questions about login and account management

A standard login includes a username and a password. However, SecureSafe also offers paying customers the highly secure 2-factor authentication to further protect their account. With this method, a SMS containing an additional security code will be sent to your mobile every time you want to log in to your SecureSafe. Only with this code can you gain access to your account.

With 2-factor authentication, your data stays protected even if someone intercepts your username and your password, because access to your account also requires the additional security code that is sent to your phone.

Be aware that we cannot help you should you lose your phone after activating 2-factor authentication. The only means to regaining access to your account will be your recovery code. We therefore highly recommend that you print it out and hide it in a safe place.

NB: You will only need to enter the SMS code once on your smart phone. After that our app will use the SecureSafe innovation DoubleSec to make logging in to SecureSafe super easy.