How can I redeem a voucher for a private safe?

Questions about login and account management

If you already have a SecureSafe account, use the voucher code to upgrade or renew your account: Learn how to upgrade / renew your account here.

If you do not have a SecureSafe account yet, use the voucher code to create a new account:

  1. From any browser of your choice (on your computer), go to https://www.securesafe.com/apps/register.html#lang=en
  2. Choose your account details by putting your name, email, desired password etc. into the appropriate fields.
  3. Put your voucher code into the field "Voucher (optional)".
  4. You will now be able to see the discount that your voucher entitles you to.
  5. If needed, adjust the account type you would like along with the desired subscription period.
  6. Tick off the "I have read and agreed to the terms of service" box.
  7. You can now click "Go to payment" to create your SecureSafe account.