SecureSafe offers your employees everything they need to store, edit and share business documents.

Data exchange and efficient collaboration

With SecureSafe, you exchange your documents in a highly secure environment. With SecureSafe, users store all their files in one central location and work via Web, Mobile or Desktop App, regardless of their location.

Secure password management

Thanks to the integrated Password Manager, company logins and online credentials are reliably protected against unauthorised access. The Password Generator suggests strong passwords to your employees and indicates whether the chosen password is actually secure.

Secure cloud storage for data & documents

Maximum protection against loss and theft – with SecureSafe your data is safe at all times. This is ensured by internationally recognised encryption methods, triple data protection and strong user authentication. SecureSafe has an ISO 27001-certified information security management system. The data is backed up in two Swiss high-security data centres – a cloud storage facility is located in a former military bunker in the Swiss mountains.

Data protection and zero knowledge

Our applications are designed in such a way that even our own employees can never access client data. Our IT solution complies with all GDPR guidelines and is used in numerous banks. We have fully disclosed our approach and had it externally audited several times.

SecureSafe password manager on mobile 

Would you like to use SecureSafe for your company? We would be happy to advise you on the best solution.


File Manager – your team’s digital workspace

The File Manager is divided into different workspaces/folders in which to store, exchange and synchronise files within the company, or exchange them with third parties or clients. These folders in the cloud are called Team Safes, are subject to the highest security standards and are equipped with practical additional features.

File Manager – your team’s digital workspace
Password Manager – for strong company passwords

Password Manager – for strong company passwords

Thanks to the Password Manager, your employees need only remember the SecureSafe password. For each company login, our app creates highly secure password suggestions to protect the accounts in the best possible way.

SecureSend – secure file transmission to external recipients

Use the SecureSend function to send encrypted files up to 2 GB in size to a recipient of your choice. No SecureSafe account is required to download the file. This allows you to send business documents to external partners and clients without restriction.

SecureSend – secure file transmission to external recipients
File Synchronisation – Automatically secure documents

File Synchronisation – Automatically secure documents

With the SecureSafe Desktop App for PC and Mac, the files on your computer are synchronised with your SecureSafe. This way you can easily edit, update and access the files while on the road or in your home office.

For private clients

Our private clients can choose from various offers for file and password storage.

Cloud storage for private clients
Enterprise solutions

We offer customised white label solutions for enterprises. These include eSafes, digital mailboxes and exchange platforms.

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