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SecureSafe iPhone and iPad App

In addition to the conventional safe deposit box as a secure and confidential storage space for valuables and important paper documents, the Internet data safe can be offered to customers as an online vault for digital documents and passwords.

The customer securely deposits their important property or sentimental assets such as pictures and correspondence in the personal online vault. 

The digital safe deposit box can then be offered as an extension to an existing online-banking solution or as an independent service to a customer.

Swiss Online Storage for Your Customers

  • Highly secure and confidential storage space for daily use
    The Internet data safe offers to customers highly secure access to their important personal digitla data and passwords.
  • Long-term preservation of important digital assets
    Central storage, long-term preservation and easy organisation of important documents (such as electronic extracts and statements).
  • Anytime, anywhere and device independent access
    Worldwide access to the data safe anytime and from anywhere via Internet, iPhone, iPad and Android applications.

Advantages for Your Company

DSwiss, SecureSafe: Konzept

  • Useful add-on service with strong link to your core business
    With SecureSafe you offer to your customers an innovative, secure and hiqh quality Swiss service that strongly relates to your market offering.
  • Increased customer loyalty
    Satisfied data safe customers have a strong customer-bond due to the long-term nature of data preservation.
  • In line with your mobile and online strategy
    Our SecureSafe SaaS-service including web, iPhone, iPad and Android-App supports your mobile and online strategy.

PDF: Factsheet 'Strengthen your customer relationship with SecureSafe'

Secure and Confidential Delivery of Digital Documents

The Internet data safe is a highly secure online storage service for the exchange of confidential digital documents.

Electronic documents are provided over a secure connection directly into the data safe located in one of our banking compliant data centers in Switzerland.

With access available via the Internet your clients can obtain their digital account statements, reports and an inventory of assets at anytime from their personal data safe. Additionally, your clients can use the data safe to store important personal documents and passwords. This digital vault also offers clients many additional benefits.

Sichere Zustellung von Dokumenten mit SecureSafe

Advantages for Your Customers

  • Receiving documents securely and confidentially 
  • Easy‐to‐use and structured repository for all financial documents
  • Secure access anytime and anywhere to financial information and confidential data

Advantages for Your Company

  • Up‐to‐date delivery of financial documents in digital format
  • Complete confidentiality and protection of privacy
  • Cost effectiveness by avoiding paper documents

PDF: Factsheet 'Strengthen your customer relationship with SecureSafe'

Internet Data Safe Solutions for Your Customers

DSwiss offers financial institutions, insurance companies and other interested parties a low-risk way to quickly and economically launch their own data safe.

Based on market-proven, modular and cutting-edge technologys provides customised turnkey data safe solutions. Together with our strong partners, we can tailor our service to your specific requirements e.g. CRM, document management or workflow integration. The DSwiss services cover all phases of a data safe project including: analysis, implementation, system rollout and operations SaaS. For more information about our solutions and products please contact us.

PDF: Brochure "Internet Data Safe Solutions'

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