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SecureSafe makes team collaboration secure and simple. Share your files and stay in sync with your team, anywhere, anytime.

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Features at a glance

Secure Collaboration

Securely exchange presentations, diagrams and Excel sheets and keep them organised in your Team Space.

Secure Mobile Access

Instantly access your Team Space from any iOS or Android device. Your data remains highly secure even with mobile access.

Secure Invitation Process

Securely invite team members by email and send them a separate code to identify themselves.

Management Panel

Manage your Team Space directly within the web application and assign roles to different team members.

Activity Journal

Always stay updated on the latest activities in your Team Space with the activity journal function.

Secure Viewer

With the built-in SecureViewer function, you can view PDF files without leaving a digital trace.


Share Data Securely with Your Project Team

Are you a consultant working in a project team with members from different organisations? Then you know that getting access to secure shared data storage is a challenge.

Instead of resorting to unsafe solutions such as Dropbox, you can simply create a SecureSafe Team-Space for your team so that you can exchange and organise your data safely.

Privacy Protection On-The-Go

Offer your team the flexibility of cloud storage combined with the security standards of an online banking service. With a Team-Space, each team member can easily access and share project files from anywhere and at any time via a PC, Mac, iPad and iPhone.

Forget Problems with Email Attachments

We understand that you need access to the latest versions of presentations, plans and calculations during a project period. With a Team-Space, it’s not an issue if these files are too large to share as email attachments. Simply share your large files (up to 2GB) with the integrated Secure File Transfer feature in your Team-Space.

Keep Your Business Critical Data 100% Confidential

Are you a member of a Board of Directors or a Management Team? Then you may face the challenge of sharing confidential documents that are so sensitive that they are not even allowed to be saved in your internal IT system.

With a SecureSafe Team-Space, you can store these important documents in a highly secure location and protect them from access by unauthorised parties. Neither your internal IT staff nor the SecureSafe team can ever see the files stored in your Team-Space.

Secure Access from Anywhere at Any Time

With a Team-Space from SecureSafe, you benefit from our secure mobile apps that make it possible to access sensitive documents directly via an iPad. This option is particularly practical during Board and management meetings as you no longer need to print out documents, therefore, reducing the risk of these falling into the wrong hands. You will also have the latest version of your important files available.

Safely Share Confidential Files with Your Clients

In the absence of good alternatives, lawyers are often forced to send confidential documents and sensitive information to clients via unprotected email servers. This means that highly personal data is at risk of being intercepted.

Now there is a secure alternative that ensures your clients’ personal data is never at risk: the SecureSafe Team-Space where documents can be safely and conveniently exchanged with clients. Each Team-Space is individually customized so that only you and your client have access to the files stored there.

Secure Long-term Data Storage for your Clients

Team-Spaces enable you to offer each of your clients a highly secure shared data repository to store important documents for the long-term. No one except you and your client can view any of the stored data.

Easily Collaborate from any Location

Share work spaces with your teams, stay in sync with the latest versions of files and make your collaboration easy, private and secure - inside and outside the office.

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Maximum Privacy for your Team

Strong encryption and authentication ensure that only team members can view the files stored in your shared workspace. This makes SecureSafe highly suitable for sharing sensitive information such as financial, client and patient data.

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FREE 30 Day Trial

Flexible collaboration made possible

SecureSafe for Teams grid

Whether you’re working on a client mandate or within a large project, you can add as many members as you need to a Team-Space. You can also participate in multiple Team-Spaces with a single login.

Team-Spaces start with two members and 10 GB and can be extended according to your organisation’s needs.

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Data safely stored in Switzerland

Your data is solely stored on secure servers in Switzerland. We rely on several redundant data centers, one of which is located in a former military bunker in the Swiss mountains.

Secure Online Storage for Teams: SecureSafe for Teams


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