SecureSafe Partner Companies


These companies provide the Swiss online storage service, SecureSafe, to their customers on customized terms:

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Zürcher Kantonalbank

Zürcher Kantonalbank provides customers with a 1 year SecureSafe online storage account.

Zürcher Kantonalbank were the first Swiss bank to offer the SecureSafe online storage as part of their existing e-banking services. As a customer, you can get your bank statements and bank documents delivered directly into your SecureSafe and store them safely.
Get your free SecureSafe SILVER Account by Zürcher Kantonalbank

St Galler Kantonalbank

St Galler Kantonalbank connects their e-banking to the highly secure online storage of SecureSafe.

Customers of St Galler Kantonalbank receive a SecureSafe online account to use for 3 months absolutely free.
Get your free SecureSafe SILVER Account by SGKB

Neue Aargauer Bank

Neue Aargauer Bank customers use the SecureSafe SILVER account free for 1 year.

The high safety standards of SecureSafe convinced the Neue Aargauer Bank. Now all customers receive a SecureSafe online account to use for a full year absolutely free.
Get your free SecureSafe SILVER Account by Neue Aargauer Bank.

Thurgauer Kantonalbank

Thurgauer Kantonalbank connects their e-banking to the highly secure data safe of SecureSafe.

Thurgauer Kantonalbank gives all customers a SecureSafe online storage account for 3 month. As a customer you can receive your bank statements and receipts directly delivered into your SecureSafe account and have them stored securely for the long-term.
Get your free SecureSafe SILVER Account by Thurgauer Kantonalbank.


CLX.PayMaker customers use Secure Safe for data protection.

As a CLX.PayMaker customer you can use the highly secure online storage from SecureSafe to remotely backup your data.
How to backup your CLX.PayMaker data with SecureSafe


PrivaSphere emails safely stored through SecureSafe online data storage.

PrivaSphere users can now store their personal emails as well as data and files permanently and for the long-term in their SecureSafe account.
How to configure your PrivaSphere Account


AXA customers benefit from a 20% discount.

AXA customers receive a 20% discount on all SecureSafe account options.
How to get the AXA 20% discount on the SecureSafe online storage.


DSwiss partnership with Swiss Post:

DSwiss AG and SwissSign announced a partnership. In a few months SecureSafe is connected to IncaMail. IncaMail users can have their emails automatically saved in the Secure Safe.


Receiving electronic documents directly in a secure data safe

BDO customers can have their electronic documents overseen by their trustees in a secure data safe.

Webland customers benefit from a 25% discount.

Webland customers receive a 25% discount on all SecureSafe Password Pro, Silver and Gold accounts.

Digital data safe for the residents of Canton Glarus

As a pioneer, the Canton of Glarus, Switzerland, offers its residents a free, digital safe where they can receive and store personal documents from government agencies and companies.

GlarusSafe is a joint project of Glarus hoch3 AG and Technische Betriebe Glarus.
Go to GlarusSafe's website

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