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General Questions


I am an Entrustet user, what does that mean for me?

Entrustet has been acquired by SecureSafe. All existing Entrustet users receive an e-mail from Entrustet including a voucher code for a free SecureSafe account for one year. After one year, you can decide to renew your SecureSafe account or move to a SecureSafe free account with a smaller password/document quota and fewer features.


How do I redeem my SecureSafe voucher?

You can redeem your SecureSafe voucher as part of the Entrustet acquisition at
Make sure you also download the free iPhone/iPad app to also access all your data on the go.


Who and what is SecureSafe?

SecureSafe is the leading online data safe for your digital data. SecureSafe protects your digital documents, guards your passwords and lets you access and manage them at any time, thus guaranteeing maximum security. View or retrieve your data via a web browser, iPhone or iPad.

You can preserve your data for the future with our unique DataInherit function. With DataInherit, you can easily assign beneficiaries to your digital assets in the event that something should happen to you. This will preserve your digital assets for you, your family or your partners. SecureSafe is a service of DSwiss Ltd. and based in Zurich/Switzerland.

SecureSafe is like having a Swiss Bank for your digital information.  Like Entrustet, SecureSafe allows users to securely store online account information and computer files and decide if they'd like them transferred or deleted when they pass away.  Additionally, SecureSafe allows you to securely update and access your digital information from your computer or mobile device.


Is SecureSafe safe?

SecureSafe has made it top priority to ensure the maximum possible security and confidentiality of your data. SecureSafe itself is not able to view your data at any time. For further information about the security measures behind SecureSafe, please see Security.


How long will I be able to redeem the free SecureSafe voucher?

You will be able to redeem your SecureSafe voucher until June 15th, 2012.  After that, your voucher will no longer be valid.


How long will I still be able to access my data at

Your data will be available on Entrustet for three months, until July 31st, 2012.  After that, all of your data will be permanently deleted from Entrustet's servers.  If you wish to continue protecting your digital assets, you must create a new SecureSafe account and upload your information.

What will happen to my data that is stored with Entrustet?

You will be able to access your data stored with Entrustet until July 31st.  After that date, all of your data stored with Entrustet will be permanently and securely deleted.


How does SecureSafe work?

SecureSafe is a highly secure online storage of your important documents and passwords. What is more, SecureSafe allows you to specify who is to be given access to which data, later on, as beneficiaries. Take the following steps to do this:

  • Store your documents in the SecureSafe safe (upload), and enter the important user names / passwords.
  • Specify who the beneficiaries are, that means the persons who are to receive data later on.
  • Assign data to the beneficiaries. Who is to be given which documents and passwords.
  • Print out what is referred to as the activation code. This is the code which will be used to start the data inheritance, built-in DataInherit-function.
  • Designate one or more trusted persons, to whom you hand over the printed activation code.
  • As a safety measure print out the recovery code. You will need this if you ever happen to forget the user name/password of your SecureSafe account. (SecureSafe has no access at all to the data or passwords, and cannot do anything for you without this recovery code should you no longer have any access).
  • Turn on the data inheritance.


More Questions?


My question was not answered here, where do I find more information?

These are the Entrustet specific FAQs. You will find much more answers in our General FAQs.

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