Preserving what matters: your digital assets

The security and privacy of your most valuable digital assets are constantly under threat from hackers, competitors, governments and disasters such as fire or earthquakes. With SecureSafe, your data stays protected at all times.

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We Take a Stand for Privacy

We Take a Stand for Privacy

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Your online vault for digital assets

SecureSafe is like a bank for digital assets. We’re located in the heart of Switzerland, which is known for its political and financial stability, strong legal system and its long tradition of privacy - perfectly situated for protecting the most valuable resource of the 21st Century: your data.

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Meet Our Management Team

Dr. Tobias Christen

Dr. Tobias Christen has over 20 years’ experience in software development. Before he co-founded SecureSafe, he was responsible for designing the security architecture of a large international insurance company and was the Technology Manager of an IT security product company.

Michael Tschannen
Head of Security and R&D

Head of Security and R&D Michael Tschannen holds a MSc in IT from ZHAW. He is known for his contributions to smartphone security. Thanks to his earlier experiences with "pen testing", Michael understands how hackers attack systems and how critical systems must be protected.

Tim Kahrmann
Head of Marketing

Tim Kahrmann leads the marketing and communications activities at SecureSafe. He holds a MSc in economics and communication. Tim previously, worked for global organisations in various sectors and also founded his own IT job portal.

Marius Lapagna
Head of IT

Marius Lapagna has more than 10 years’ experience in the development and implementation of complex IT architectures. With the responsibility for the entire SecureSafe infrastructure, Marius ensures the constant availability of all SecureSafe services.


The SecureSafe application is engineered in Switzerland. All client data is stored solely in secure Swiss data centers, one of which is located in a former military bunker in the Swiss mountains.

What’s new at SecureSafe?

New Features. Great Promotions. More Security. To the news

  • #RIP: How your online life goes on
    #RIP: How your online life goes on

    22 February 2015

    Because an increasing part of our everyday lives takes place online, dying is turning into an online challenge – legally, commercially and culturally. The time where this only concerned how one could pass on passwords or delete online accounts has long passed by now. (Article in German)

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  • Security Advisory: Be careful with your Flash Player!
    Security Advisory: Be careful with your Flash Player!

    23 January 2015

    Currently, the Adobe Flash Player contains an unpatched vulnerability that is actively exploited. Here are some advice on how to face this situation.

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  • Secure File Synchronization for PC/Mac
    Secure File Synchronization for PC/Mac

    03 December 2014

    We are thrilled to announce the release of the new SecureSafe Client that lets you synchronize your SecureSafe files with your PC or Mac in a safe and simple way. Download the client now and start working on your SecureSafe files from your local computer today.

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  • New feature: Access rights for Team-Spaces
    New feature: Access rights for Team-Spaces

    06 November 2014

    We're introducing more distinct roles to control the rights of each individual team member.

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  • Log in to your SecureSafe using your fingerprint
    Log in to your SecureSafe using your fingerprint

    10 October 2014

    With SecureSafe, your important documents and passwords are always at your fingertips. We have made logging into your SecureSafe much easier. Use your fingerprint to log into the SecureSafe iOS App now.

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  • DSwiss launches partnership with Prosegur
    DSwiss launches partnership with Prosegur

    09 October 2014

    The globally active security service provider for cash logistics and management solutions is henceforth entrusting the support of its growing digital business to the high-security online data storage service SecureSafe.

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  • SecureSafe for Business: Simpler, more flexible pricing
    SecureSafe for Business: Simpler, more flexible pricing

    05 September 2014

    With SecureSafe for Business, we are introducing simple-to-calculate per-user prices, which also allow more flexible usage of Team-Spaces for secure collaboration.

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  • Pass on digital assets with Data Inheritance
    Pass on digital assets with Data Inheritance

    20 August 2014

    Ever wondered what is going to happen to your digital assets, when you have passed away? With our data inheritance function, SecureSafe lets you pass on essential digital assets to your loved ones.

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  • Get up to 10 GB FREE Storage Now!
    Get up to 10 GB FREE Storage Now!

    15 August 2014

    Know someone who may enjoy SecureSafe? Now you can earn FREE storage space by recommending us to friends, family and colleagues!

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  • Are your passwords really safe?
    Are your passwords really safe?

    11 August 2014

    The media are currently covering the theft of more than one Billion Internet Passwords stolen by Russian hackers. The good news: SecureSafe is not affected by this theft. Protect your account optimally with 2-factor authentication - available for SecureSafe PRO and higher. Go PRO for just USD 0.73/Month (EUR 0.52/Month) now.

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Board of Directors

Dr. Walter Hürsch
Chairman of the Board

Dr. Walter Hürsch is Executive Partner and Co-Founder of Zühlke Ventures Ltd. He is also a member of the executive committee of Zühlke Group where he has worked since 1995.

Lukas von Känel
Board Member

Lukas von Känel is an IT security pioneer. He is currently CEO of AVANTEC AG, which he co-founded in 1995 and which is now the leading IT security integrator in Switzerland.

Roland Zeller
Board Member

Roland Zeller is an internet pioneer. Formerly the CEO of the online travel portal,, he now works as an independent angel investor and consultant to various start-ups.


March 25-27, 2015
Barcelona, Spain

Forum Banca
September 30, 2014
Milan, Italy

Investors & Partners


AVANTEC has been a leading Swiss provider of IT security solutions since 1995. AVANTEC is an investor and assists SecureSafe with security engineering and with access to a banking compliant data center.


Zühlke Ventures supports technology-oriented companies with financial resources and active advice drawing on a comprehensive network and extensive knowhow.


Considerable funds have been allocated to SecureSafe from the Swiss Federation to generate innovation and to transfer knowledge in collaboration with these universities.


The Institute of Applied Information Technology (Information Security) is an important partner for security architecture, implementation and testing.

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